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Gates turn poop into water

Been another devastating invention that will soon help the major struggling country with very less water with a very high percentage of wastes.  This new invention called “Janicki Omniprocessor” will turn any wastes into water, also to electricity, and ashes.  Once again, Bill Gates change the world… With so many part of the countries is…

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What I accomplished in year 2014

The most dedicated year for me was 2014.  Before 2014, I was a broke college dropout guy who was struggling to just live day by day looking for any other ways to make any kinds of money and owning a recording studio during that time, business was rough.  I wasn’t a smart guy nor a…

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Unexpected 4 years old dream came true

If you’re talking about dream, dream is a dream which most people consider it impossible or too good to be true.  Consider yourself if you are able to do something a little at a time, and keep moving towards your dream, one day, you will get there. This child had a dream, became who she wants…

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5 MOST Sexiest cars in Jay-Z and Beyonce’s garage

You already know who it is, Jay-Z and Beyonce!  The Hollywood most popular and powerful celebrities couple. Dream cars that makes people drool and always dream of owning, and those who think it can’t be done or impossible?  Top 5 most expensive exotic cars own by them with a total estimating nearly 10 million dollars.…

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Miracle that help disabled man walk and lost 140lbs

In fact, you may notice why most of you are failing, it’s not that you can’t succeed or cannot accomplish your goals  or dreams.  The fact is, you lost focus, you lost concentration, and most of all, you’re a quitter.  See why this man can achieve the impossible set by others and why one man believe in him…

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What happen next to him, you won’t believe it after being bullied…

Guys bullying him for his guitar talent, but finally realizing what, why, and who is he actually playing for.  Watch as he continue his journey to a heart touching story.

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Top Billionaires College Dropout

Does college degree necessary to be require to obtain a billionaire certification? The fact that most people attend college is they want a better paying jobs, a job that is paid by these top ten billionaire drop out.  How cool is that when you fight hard in college and still broke with massive of student loans…

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The truth behind a J.O.B.

Reasons why you may still work at your job today  is because of the weekly or bi-weekly paycheck isn’t it? -What’s behind a real job is do you really think it’s worth it? -Do you really think you are worth per hour? -Do you think you can be rich over a job? -How hard do you…

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File image of Warren Buffet  CEO of Berkshire Hathaway addressing The Women's Conference 2008 in Long Beach

How the riches roll

Warren Buffett, Billionaire investor, inside the Four Seasons restaurant ordered some Dairy Queen and Coke.   Which is also a chain that he invested in. Buffett had a steak and ordered a Cherry Coke to wash it down. Handily, Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway has a large stake in Coca-Cola. “We don’t carry that kind of stuff, so…

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5 reasons why people’s are broke

Main reasons why most people are broke are due to the fact that they intend to lose focus on their life seeing themselves worthless doing any ultimate achievement in life.  Today, those people would think they work now and get rich tomorrow.  Getting rich over night doesn’t exist, because it takes sacrifice and long term…

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7 foods to prevent cancer

Garlic: Stinky Breath, but Super Healthy Studies found garlic as supplement to reduced cholesterol on the vascular walls of animals and also in humans.  That cause of odor may also prevent cancer-causing substances from forming in your body, help speed up repairing your DNA, and killing of cancer cells.  Garlic battles bacteria, including H. pylori (the one…

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Impossible? Yes it’s possible… MOST inspiring VIDEOS

A real hero Everything is possible Never quit and be who you want to be Impossible is Nothing Possible Illusion Only you think it’s not possible Don’t judge when you don’t know the truth

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Why EXCUSES make your life easier

What’s your excuses when it comes to dream capturing? Ever thought about making your life easier with a bunch of excuses? Of course, life is so much easier when all you can do is make excuses. You desire this and desire that, but always tell yourself that, ONLY lucky people can desire to have it.…

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A MLM company which I used to work with, has been shut down due to scam. Eventually, it’s not a real scam as paying in and take your money, but just to inform everyone that as a MLM, it is all pyramid scheme and the only way to make money is to earn percentage per reps who join…

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How I made $1,372 in 4 hours using Internet Traffic Formula

CLOSING… CLOSING… Get your Internet Traffic Formula and learn how I made $1,372 in 4 hours.   Traffic Formula is the MOST POWERFUL tools to EVER get.  ALL real estate, shopping cart, and others who has product to sell has bought it to closed  massive of their sales too.   This product will be closed…

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Funnel VS Pyramid

There are two ways of how marketing work.  Which one would you choose… the funnel or the pyramid?  What is a funnel? How does it work? What does it do? Funnel is like a tube that you pour the results in and it will succeed at the end, no excuse.  For example, like oil or…

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WakeUpNow vs EmpowerNetwork

One reason why I chose Empower Network is due to the fact that I make more with less members, and became a 6 figures income earner in less than 6 months.  For a fact, we drive internet traffics, and require less members to make more. We never runs out of sales or people because we are…

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The Millionaire Interview

I was interviewed by the Traffic KING Vick Strizheus in Miami, FL because of being the top 200 income earner in Empowernetwork and top 10 in Big Idea Mastermind.  I was a bit nervous, because I didn’t come to think I would be up this close to such a guy who made me for who…

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Page got hacked BUT still BENEFIT from

My page was hacked by these NO BRAINER MANIC GEEKS, which I wasn’t aware of and because of that, I did not had any security to protect my page, didn’t think someone would have SUCH a no life to do SUCH a thing, but oh well they did. Between 3-10-2013 to 3-18-2013, my page (…

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Why you should learn how to BLOG instead of POST

BIGGEST reason to blog is to attract audience, or to built audiences.  If you can’t sell them out, you blog them out.  Give a good blog, post it up by sharing it will get you viewers.  Those viewers will then see your site, once they log in, they will see what you have in your…

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